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Cat Products

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    Cats walk where they will and sleep where they want to. If they find a sunbeam, then they will inevitably snooze. Great life, right?

    You can make their life even better, with some luxurious cat products from Brooklyn. Grab a comfy cat bed, with a snuggly cat blanket, and cater to them with a bowl of water from our range of ceramic cat bowls. 

    The Brooklyn has the greatest cat beds in New Zealand, and classy water bowls for your very particular feline companion. We even have an orthopedic cat bed, for the elderly pussy cat of the family. 

    4 products

    The Brooklyn Cat Bowls/Water Bowls

    How a cat eats is important. That may sound strange to hear, but there are ways you can enhance a cat’s eating experience. The Brooklyn has some stainless steel cat bowls, which can be used for both eating and drinking. They’re heavy enough so the cat, if they’re an excited eater, can't push the cat bowl around the floor trying to devour the yummies. They’re also wide enough to reduce the symptom of ‘whisker-fatigue’. This is where, as the food levels drop, a cat’s whiskers touch the side of the bowl. This sensory feedback can be draining for a cat and is often why they yowl for more food even when their bowl isn't empty.

    The Brooklyn Cat Beds

    Much like their humans, cats love being comfy and warm when they sleep. Have a look at our deep sleep cat beds, the best cat beds in NZ. They’re like a warm, furry hug for your feline friend. If only they made these beds in human size!

    You can choose from different colours for your cat to sleep in, as well.

    These beds have been scientifically proven to calm cats down and relax them. They are machine washable and dryable, so convenient. Watch how much your cat loves you after throwing their bed in the dryer for half an hour before bedtime!

    Find a sunny spot, put the bed there, and listen to the happy purrs.

    The Brooklyn Cat Blanket

    How can you make your cat’s life even more luxurious and dreamy? A throw blanket for your cat’s Brooklyn Cat bed.

    Your kitty can bury itself beneath the faux fur blanket, snuggled up deep in the comfortable bed.

    The cat blanket also helps keep fur off the furniture, the lounge or the bed. And you can easily take the blanket with you, if your cat is a travelling pet.

    Our Brooklyn cat blankets are machine washable and pair up with any deep sleep cat bed.

    It will enhance the comfort of your cat, and give you hours of purrs and snuggles.