Dylan here from The Brooklyn. Unfortunately, we don't have your email address on file, so were only able to send you a SMS for an order update. But below is a copy of the email we sent out last night to affected orders, and just wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on the update as well.

As you may have noticed if you've tracked your parcel recently, you may have seen that your parcel arrived into Auckland Airport on the 20th of February, and hasn't moved along since. From the last 4000 orders we've successfully sent, we typically expect it to be at the airport for 2-4 days, but it seems about 80 of our parcels are taking longer to clear than normal.

As your order was approaching the 16 day delivery mark, we opened an investigation to find out what was going on and have spent the last few days trying to get firm answers about the status of your parcel.

We just heard back from our logistics firm who've been in touch with NZPost and the Airport. They pointed us to a page on their website (linked below), which talks about massive inbound backlogs and is causing a delay for all parcels, as they're taking a lot longer than normal to clear them.

They've advised it will take 7 working days (on top of the normal 2-4 days) to clear the backlog at the airport and then an additional 4-5 working days to deliver the parcel. You can read more about this here: https://www.nzpost.co.nz/contact-support/international-delivery-updates#receiving-delays

Although this is completely out of our control, and we suspect it is a flow on effect from last week's lockdown, we truly are sorry about this delay as we know how frustrating this can be.

For the first time in over 4000 orders, we're going to have to refer to our order confirmation email/shipping policy which talks about unexpected events, and how they can lead to a delivery delay outside of the typical 8-16 day timeframe. This in no way is meant to be a 'gotcha' or a 'should have read the fine print' email, we truly know how disappointing this email is, and truly, we've never had this happen before.

The slight good news is we have confirmation from the airlines that your parcel is in Auckland and because it has been in the queue for a few days now, we're hoping they will clear at some point next week and delivery can continue as quickly as possible.

Truly though, we're really sorry and although there isn't anything we can do to speed up things at the airport, we will keep an eye on your parcel to ensure delivery.

Thank you so much for your understanding and I am so sorry to start your weekend like this.